We have what the world wants
The global energy transition will drive the world's economy for decades to come, and with our unique combination of sun, wind and valuable minerals in the Upper Spencer Gulf and surrounds, we have what the world wants. What the world demands.
South Australia’s renewable energy share has surged from 1% in 2007 to 74% in 2023. We are Australia’s renewable energy superpower.
South Australia is also home to Australia’s richest copper resource, with global demand for copper set to surge for use in sustainable technology such as electric vehicles and wind turbines.
The Upper Spencer Gulf has superior magnetite iron ore resources which is essential for the production of green steel, with demand set to surge as the world seeks to decarbonise.
The key to unlocking the full potential of our critical minerals is water, which is why the State Government and private sector are progressing plans for a desalination plant and pipeline network called Northern Water.
The State Government is seeking to harness our renewable energy resources into hydrogen, by building the world’s largest Hydrogen Power Station at Whyalla. Hydrogen is also essential to the production of green steel.
Collectively, these measures have the potential to generate billions of dollars of economic activity and create thousands of jobs.